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Date: Jun 8, 2014
Category: Web Development, Design

Guru Digital Media has redeveloped Infobase for the Association of Local Government Information Management – with both a new look and enhanced functionality.

Infobase provides local government staff the ability to keep their own records up to date, and to access data, both national and international, regarding what systems and vendors other organisations are using

The new and improved Infobase has the following benefits:

  • Improved reporting
  • Enhanced search capability when comparing software by Council
  • Easy updating of product information – vendors can login and update this section themselves
  • A multi-country search engine
  • A tool that’s easy to self-update


This is the discovery/data gathering function where Councils answer a range of questions about systems they use. You can view what survey questions have been asked based on Business Areas and which of these questions have been answered. From here you can answer unanswered questions or edit/update answered questions. Different Business Areas can be allocated to different people within an organisation.


From the Reporting section of Infobase, users are able to run reports on different data capture within the system such as what Products/Services are in use by what Councils. For example, the Products/Services Report shows a list of Products and Services along with the Vendor. It also provides a snapshot of the number of Councils using the Product/Service and provides a rating. It also shows whether the Product/Service is part of a syndicated arrangement. By drilling down on a Product/Service, users are provided with further information.


From the Vendors section of Infobase, users can view Vendors information including the Product/Services on offer and also contact details.

App Catalogue

From the App Catalogue section of Infobase, users can see what App’s are in use by Local Government, including the platform(s) they sit on and, in the future, a link to get more information and download the App.


Users can view Products/Services along with the Vendor that provides them and the number of Councils that use each Product/Service.

NZ Councils

Shows a list of NZ Councils and contact details. This will change depending on what country the user is entered under.